Loving stranger

Something wonderful happened today.

I had an appointment at Genius Bar at the Apple shop to fix my iphone’s camera.
When asked to leave my phone, my Genius girl asked me the code to access my phone.

I gave it to her and I said “this is the date when my dad passed away 3 years ago”. She then replied to me “tomorrow is my dad’s 5th year passing anniversary”. She then went on sharing how he passed away, her relationship with him, some of her regrets and how much she still misses him. She then got teared up and cried. She said, “The hole he left behind is still there and I feel that this is going to be there forever”. “I share your feelings 100%”, I said to her. I am missing my Dad everyday.

I comforted her when she started apologising for crying “I don’t speak like this to customers, I am sorry. Thank you for listening”.

I told her that there is nothing to feel sorry about. I was happy to listen. I asked her whether she plans to do anything tomorrow. 3 days ago, I thought about spending a day dedicating it to my Dad doing things that he and I both enjoyed doing together when he was still alive. My list is growing. Lo and behold, tomorrow is her day off.

I asked her if I can share an idea, and she said yes. I suggested for her to do what I was thinking of – spending some time doing things she and her dad used to love doing together. She lit up and shared with me how her dad always made the best rice pudding for her. Maybe tomorrow she would make one and hope that her dad’s spirit will be with her then. I said to her, “he will be”.
At the end of our chat, she thanked me again. I said to her, “you’re welcome and thank you…” She said to me, “Since my Dad passed away, I always tell people how much I love them. You just don’t know how many more times you can say this to your loved ones”. “You are right”, I said to her. I reminded myself then to do this even more. I smiled recalling my mum saying “I love you too” this morning when I called her. Precious moments.

I left the shop feeling much fuller than when I got in. I asked her name and sent her love and prayer.

I hope she knows that her opening up to me has reminded me again and again and again that it is impossible to feel isolated and alone in this life, unless I decide to be alone and isolated.

What happened today was a genuine connection of two souls to remind each other that all is one, all is connected, and all is well.

I got more than a fixed camera on my iphone today. I received love from another soul, the most beautiful gift.

Thank you.

I am grateful.



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