Selamat datang! Welcome!

The wanderer. The traveller. The gipsy in disguise. The observer. The thinker. The feeler. The do-er. The bridge. The East meets West. The challenger. The warrior. The voice of conscious. The shy. The introvert. The sun shine. The polka-dotted Zebra. The story teller. The chatter box. The undefined. The container of polar opposite. The healer.  The romantic. The idealist. The rebel. And many more…


Thank you for being here.

My name is Astuti Martosudirdjo.

My friends call me Ade (this is my childhood nickname) or Astuti. Feel free to call me either one that resonates with you.

The words you see earlier are the labels people have given me (and I have accepted gratefully) throughout my life. And, yes, all those and more actually made me who I am. Fascinating stuffs!

You are drawn to come here for a reason. I am happy to welcome and have you here.

Let me give you another insight into who I am.

I am an Indonesian woman born in the UK (Birmingham to be precise) who have since lived in many places: Bandung, Bangkok, Bryan (Ohio, USA), Rotterdam, and now in Zurich (since 2001).

The life that I have in these locations is certainly an indication of my life journey, that makes my life story. I always think of my life story as a collection of life books, consists of many chapters. Chapters of events, filled with lessons.

This is what this space is all about. It is my space (and yours too, as you are here) to share my life experiences, inspirations, lessons. What I see, feel, think, and hear. Big or small. Loud and soft. This is the space to learn to express all of these, as well as a way for me to digest them all. It is an extension of my facebook sharing, I suppose 🙂 where I can go in a bit deeper on a variety of topics.

My wish for you is to be able to enjoy what is being shared here. I am thrilled when you have a take away from here too. I’d love to hear what you think and feel, so feel free to leave some comments.

Take good care and enjoy!


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